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The New Medicine Foundation ( NMF ) was created to provide more integrated and natural solutions for everyday health.  In a world plagued increasingly with people living sick and tired, most are interested in getting to the root of their symptoms and feeling better more naturally.  Medication and surgeries, acute care, and chronic illness management are always integrated at the appropriate time.  But starting with 'Nature First', treatment at NMF is focused on restoring health from the ground up and preventing excessive use of costly and toxic medications.  From every day needs for coughs and colds, from kids to cancer, there is a better way to stay healthy!

The Healthy Way To Lasting Weight Loss

At NMF weight loss is always a side effect to restoring a body to health.  But with so much weight needed to lose we realize that quick weight loss is necessary and fun for many people to commit too.

Weight loss accomplished improperly can starve the body for nutrients, cause severe hormone deficiencies, and set the body up for a rebound effect of weight gain after muscle loss.  This obviously is not healthy nor long-lasting.

Using the best tools available today but remaining focused on 'Nature First' and comprehensive testing to ensure our understanding of your unique biochemical needs, we are able to accomplish quick and health weight loss while restoring the underlying hormonal and nutritional strength of your body.

This sets up the client for a long lasting effect of weight loss, and continued weight loss in the future.  True health is restored and many symptoms that commonly develop with the weight gain are restored.  Energy and vitality are improved and sleep is restored.  Hormonal and nutritional imbalances are uncovered and balanced naturally.

Weight loss is typically 5 - 10 pounds a week depending on client need.


Truly Integrated Natural Health Care

There is a better way to practice healthcare.  From kids to cancer, the future of medicine is to return to more natural remedies first, using traditional medications and surgeries only when necessary.  

Scientific advancements have made testing and treatment more  naturally better than ever.  Using this knowledge to focus on returning bodies back to health will not only avoid the expense and invasiveness of traditional medicine, but allow the people to understand more about their own bodies.   Forward thinking physicians will  teach them the why of what is ailing them instead of just prescribing something that may very well fail them physical and financially.

Imagine using a few key vitamins and natural remedies first when treating a child for an allergy or a cold.  

Imagine having a physician who provides you with the options in raising and treating your children, instead of telling you what vaccines are mandated or drugs are recommended first.

Imagine being told you may have a concerning health condition or even cancer, but being presented with treatment options from natural protocols to discussing all pros and cons regarding potentially necessary conventional treatments and allowed to decide what is best for you.

This is how we practice medicine at the New Medicine Foundation.  Using cutting edge medical knowledge and testing, but integrating and offering the most natural solutions to your health issues and goals first, our patients feel as if they are being treated truly by their own family physician and advisor, with respect, and thorough understanding and treatment options.

As we speed towards the future of technology and great medical advancements, overall general healthcare is taking a few steps back to always have the bigger picture, and to make sure all of our natural healing abilities are included in our own healthcare choices.

More and more people are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and of taking more and more pills for every ailment instead of finding the cause of what is ailing them and learning how to correct it more naturally.

By blending science with nature, we can achieve inspiring results.

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Supplement of the Month

 This is by far the best Vitamin B product available! B vitamins are key to so many crucial functions in the body, from adrenal support, to healthy hair, to actually preventing heart disease. Nearly everyone should be on a good BROAD SPECTRUM B vitamin product for one of the above reasons….and individual biochemical testing will show why. People shouldn’t waste money on B12, or B1, or B5 by themselves, when you can get all you need of all of these crucial B Vitamins in one perfect product. PureCell Pure B has been custom formulated to deliver all of these B Vitamins, in the correct ratios to feed adrenal health, lower the cardiovascular inflammatory risk factor HOMOCYSTEINE, and provide the other B vitamins needed.

While many vitamins won’t have a noticeable impact on your health and vitality immediately, PureCell Pure B will! Most people feel an immediate boost in energy and clarity when starting Pure B. We recommend 1 capsule twice daily for women, and 1 capsule 3 times daily for men. This is a water soluble vitamin so take it spaced through the day and continue to drink a lot of water ( 1 oz daily per 2 pounds of body weight minimum….3-4 quarts for most people ).

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