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April 30, 2014 @ 04:51 PM
Q. Dear Dr. Pearson, I have been taking your bio-identical progesterone for a few years and never felt better. But I have a girlfriend that just had a total hysterectomy. She is going to be put on hormone therapy. She smokes and her doctor told her she would have to quit smoking because between the cigarettes and the hormones she would have a stroke. They told her the hormones clot the blood and between the two, it would create major "sludge" that would cause a stroke. I don't smoke, but I wondered if the progesterone I am taking causes clots or if it is just the synthetic hormones she will be given. Thanks in advance for your help. Connie, Kansas

A. Dear Connie, The quick and easy answer for synthetic PROGESTINS is that yes, they absolutely cause blood clotting and increase stroke risk, as they act inversely to our natural progesterone and actually lower our natural levels even more with negative feedback through the pituitary.

New Medicine Foundation's naturally sourced and true PROGESTERONE will actually help prevent strokes, as the proper restoration will alleviate systemic inflammation, improve HDL, and a host of other healthy, non-clotting / anti-inflammatory effects. Pay close attention to small variations in the words used, as they can mean dramatic differences in biochemical makeup and physiologic effects! As for the smoking, well of course, quitting is always a good idea!

Tell your friend to call us. We can help her just like we have you.

In great health,
Dr. Edward W. Pearson,


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