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The New Medicine Foundation Cell Center

NMF's proprietary organic detoxification renews and rebalances the body. 

The New Medicine Foundation Detoxification Protocol Overview

As a result of true lipophilic detoxification, body toxins and hormonal excesses are removed, a key step in restoring biochemical balance and ensuring patient satisfaction and adherence to a more sustainable healthstyle. 

The New Medicine Foundation Body Cleanse Programs

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Renew, Balance and Center

Stage 1

The body renews through intensive cellular detoxification: resizing, reshaping and re-sculpting from cell to surface. Daily intra-administration (view self administered injection instructional video) of PureCell detoxification agent* for 21 to 45 days is prescribed, where approximately one-half to one pound may be lost each day as a side effect of the fat and stored toxin mobilization. Patients may benefit from noticeably higher energy levels and general improvement of existing medical conditions due to cellular detoxification and hormonal balancing.

Stage 2

A balanced cellular environment can be achieved by restoring leptin sensitivity and body mass and hunger balance. Following the final administration of PureCell*, a balanced organic diet is reintroduced and sustained for 21 days. As PureCell* leaves the system, the bodyʼs metabolism becomes fueled and hormone levels are re-calibrated. Renewed and balanced, the body centers for optimal performance.

Stage 3

This is the final stretch. Closely following a practical adherence to Stage 2 is advised, though all organic foods may carefully be reintroduced. Personal discretion that defines your new “health style” and balance should be developed and executed.

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